Market Research

What is a Market Research?

The market research is a tool that is designed to support business ideas or companies of any size that are starting or that have been operating for a while to help them define their value proposition, understand where is the growth going and understand the behavior of their target market; as well as knowing their which strategies they must have compared to their competitors. This market research validates a business idea.

What is the purpose of a Market Research?

This business tool has different functionalities; however, the main ones are listed below.

– The industry. Total value, growth and size; as well as share within the market, trends, threats, risks, etc.

– Target market. Growth and size, opportunities, trends, behavior, etc.

– Competitors. Direct and indirect competitors, their respective share, products and services, marketing strategies, strengths, value added, opportunity areas, analysis from their customer service, etc.


– Analysis and detailed information from the industry, competitors and target market.
– Opportunities and trends.
– Forecasts and challenges.
– Smart decisions.
– Continuous improvement.

This information is obtained through secondary sources through national and international data bases, articles, reports, etc; direct research though calls, emails and ads. With a market reserach you can anticipate risks and changes in the market while creating business strategies.

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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the application or commercialization and promotion strategies through digital channels (internet). Digital marketing is diversified through different channels such as blogs, websites, Google search, email and social media pages.

These strategies differentiate from traditional marketing as these can be measured and ana analysis in real time can be done. In fact, it is less expensive and more effective.

What is the importance of having a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is key for any company as besides analyzing what the competitors are doing to promote themselves, it also helps to find opportunity areas to create innovative and better strategies that the competitors; as well as finding competitors strategies deficiencies

In addition, a digital marketing strategy helps to find the proper social media pages to use for every company. On the other hand, a good digital marketing strategy helps to send the right message to potential clients, knowing their necessities and finding what they like, while showing a competitive advantage and creating current customer loyalty.


– Initial market research to analyze current competitors.

– Creation of the strategy of social media pages.

– Creation and maintenance of social media pages.

– Continuous improvement of social media pages.