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AEM is a company that was created to help you take better decisions based on economic and statistic information.

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What is AEM?

Asesoría Empresarial de México (AEM) was born to change the model by which consulting companies operate. AEM was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Tecnológico de Monterrey with the purpose of providing support to any company with the intention of boosting their businesses, in order to persist in a highly competitive world. With the time, AEM started to define its range of services in order to offer more complete and personalized services, designed not only to reduce costs, but also to increase their profits.

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The market research is a tool that is designed to support business ideas or a business of any size that is starting or that is already operating, to help them define their value proposal, to understand where is the market growth going and to understand the target market behavior; as well as to understand which commercial strategies should be followed based on their competitors.

Digital marketing is the application of commercialization and promotion strategies though digital channels (internet). Digital marketing diversifies through different channels such as blogs, websites, Google search, email and social media pages.